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Acrylic Emulsion for Interior & exterior Paint Unique acrylic emulsion vehicle for interior & exterior latex paint Provides a high level of adhesion to chalky substrate, leveling & film bild

Product's description of Paint
H:Hard (Tg 5~15), M:Medium(Tg -5~5), S:Soft(Tg -5ƒbelow), SS:Very Soft(Tg-40ƒ below)

A use Product Name Solidity
PH Viscosity
Ionic Film
General interior
exterior paints
Nanox YA-901A 50.5±0.5 9~10 400~650 Anion M
Unique acrylic emulsion vehicle for interior and exterior latex paints.
Provides a high level of adhesion to chalky substrate, leveling and film bild.
Nanox YA-901B 48.5±1.0 9~10 200±150 Anion M
It has comparable trait to Nanox YA-901A. and small particle size.
It has excellent pigment miscibility than Nanox YA-901A.
Nanox YA-901C 50.5±0.5 7.0±0.5 6,000±2,000 Anion M
As binder of odorless paint, it has excellent hardness than Nanox YA-901A & is less tacky of surface.
NANOX YA-90 48.5±1.0 7.0~7.5 350±150 Anion H
As hard type binder of odorless paint, it can show gloss. So it can use gloss emulsion for low price type.
Nanox YA-902 48.5±1.0 8.5~9.5 350±150 Anion S
It dosen't need Texanl in winter time. Because It has lower MFT than Nanox YA- 901A.. It has less adhesion & soft film than general type.
Pint for gloss Nanox YA-903 48.5±1.0 9.0~10.0 350±150 Anion H
It is middle-low cost gloss binder for interior paint as SM-Acrylate type.
Paint Vehicle Nanox YA-906 50.5±0.5 8..0~8.5 200~600 Anion H
It has adhesion, water-resisting, thermal resistance & mechanical stability of high degree
gloss paints.
Nanox YA-904B 48.5±1.0 8~8 500~1,400 Nonion H
Only interior paint for gloss as Pure-acryl type..
It has good slip property of surface & pollution resistance.
Nanox YA-58D 48.5±1.0 8~9 500~1,400 Nonion H
As pure-acryl type, It has excellent gloss than Nanox YA-904B..
It has good tacky & pollution resistance.
Nanox YA-57D 46.0±1.0 9.0±1.0 500~1,500 Nonion H
It used interior & exterior gloss.
It has excellent gloss, pollution resistance & leveling.
Solid water-soluble paint Nanox YA-340D 53.5±1.0 4.5±1.0 9,000±1,500 Anion H
As Vinyl Veova Type, it used solid paint.