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Attaching Thermal Insulation in Construction Sites

Product Detail Information

PVAc Emulsion adhesive (#YG-1040, 1041, 1042)

The main ingredients of YG-1040, 1041, 1042 is Vinyl Acetate. It is used mainly for attaching thermal insulation in construction sites. It is excellence first attaching and working condition.



YG - 1040 YG - 1041 YG - 1042

Main ingredient

Vinyl Acetate Vinyl Acetate Vinyl Acetate


Transparent liquid Transparent liquid Transparent liquid

Main solvent

Methanol Methanol Methanol


3,000~3,300 4,000~4,200 12,000~13,000


Styrofoam, isopink, glass fiber, a motor filter, various types of interior finishing and sand attaching

Attaching Styrofoam & gypsum board with concrete surface
Sand attaching.

Attaching Styrofoam, isopink and interior finishing.
Sand attaching.

Work formula

Be clean the attaching surface.
After supplied → attaching before dryness → pressurization


  1. YG-1040, 41, 42 is excellence water & fire resistance.
  2. YG-1040, 41, 42 is convenience work.
  3. YG-1040, 41, 42 has concentration with sand & filler.
  4. Attaching surface with YG-1040, 41, 42 is transformed in sub-zero temperature.
  5. YG-1040, 41, 42 has good performance for variety of interior finishing.

A point to notice

  1. Because alcohol is strong volatility, attend fire & ventilation.
  2. Please, keep out of the direct ray of light in storing.